Create Charts with Highcharts

Chart Generator for Orbeon Forms

1- Orbeon Published Forms A list of Orbeon Puslished Forms. For some Chart Options a Form has to be selected in this list.

2- Chart Options In this form the user can set the options to create a chart based on Orbeon Forms instances. 3- Scope The scope define how much Forms are used to generate the chart. Possible values: - Global {all forms are included} - Application {all forms of the selected application} (the user has to select a Form and from that selection the application is taken) - Form Definition (all versions) {all versions of selected form definition} - Form Definition (selected) {only the actual version of selected form definition} - Fields Values {only the actual version of selected form definition} (there is an exception with Field Evolution Comparison where a field of different forms can be selected) 4- Chart Type Select the distribution chart to render. Possible values: - Bar Quantity {count forms quantity} - Donut Quantity {count forms quantity} - Day Distribution Creation {count forms quantity in each day} - Day Distribution Modification {count forms quantity in each day} - Donut Creation by Month {count forms quantity by month} - Donut Modification by Month {count forms quantity by month} - Donut Field Type Distribution {count forms field types} - Field Evolution {sum a field} - Field Evolution Comparison {compare fields sum -even of different forms-} 5- Start Date Start date to count forms. 6- End Date End date to count forms. 7- Time Span Year, Month, Week and Day - used with field evolution and field comparison to group values by time span. 8- Form Condition Block This is a powerful dynamic filter (if we want to filter for some values). See examples: [:form | form country = 'USA'] [:form | form country = 'USA' and: [form city = 'Los Angeles']] [:form | (form country = 'USA' and: [form city = 'Los Angeles']) or: [form amount > 50000]] [:form | form hasPassed] [:form | form issueDate > (Date fromString: '01/01/2020')]

Field Evolution
Fields Comparison (totalWithTaxes, total, costTax, cost)