Performers and Roles

The BPM Execution Engine take the lanes of Bizagi and turn them into roles inside the Application. Using lanes to define roles has many advantages but has one drawback. A task will only have one role. If there is a task that require more than one role then Performers can be used. Performers are also roles but they are defined differently in Bizagi. A task can accept more than one Performer. The rule is:

  • If a Task Definition in Bizagi require more than one role then use Performers

  • If a Task has performers then the lane is ignored

  • If a initial task has Performers only the first performer will be allowed to create the process instance

To add Performers open the properties windows of a Task (in Bizagi) and click on Performers. 1- Selected Task in Bizagi 2- Resources list of selected Task 3- Modify Resources list of selected Task 4- Create a role as a Performer Create a new resource selecting the Type: "Role" (type "Entity" is not used). This will be a Performer for the selected task. The number of Performers must be greater than 1 if not (0 or 1) the Performer will be ignored and the role will be taken from the lane.