Atop Model Integration with BPM Flow

In most cases the regular application has two classes representing users and roles. Let suppose that these classes are User and Role.

The following list all methods required for User class to be integrated with BPM Flow. It seems a long list but most methods are simple a redirection to BpmUser.

asBpmUser canDelete finalizeAssignment: getAllAvailableTaskAssignmentsIn: getAllTaskAssignmentsWithId:in: getApplicationsIn: getBackofficeApplicationsIn: getBpmEnvironments getCurrentAssignmentsIn: getMyTaskAssignmentsWithId:in: getProcessInstanceCategoriesFor: getProperty: getVisibleRolesIn: getVisibleUsersIn: isInAdminsEnvironment languageName lateralListPagingSize regularListPagingSize roleName rolesIn: take: transitionDisplayModeIsExpanded untake: username userOptions

The following list all methods required for Role class to be integrated with BPM Flow:

asBpmRole bpmApplication bpmApplication: bpmEnvironment getApplicationName isBackofficeRole isGranted: aUser