Process States

A BPM Process has a collection of states and the current state is the last element of the collection. Each change of state in a BPM Process store:

  • A Time Stamp.

  • The backoffice User that performed the change (if applicable).

State changes are free (with one exception) and can be only performed by a backoffice user . Once an Aborted state is confirmed can NOT be rollbacked.

The Aborted state is equal to Paused state until is confirmed. When a BPM Process is paused or aborted no action/event is performed by the process.

This is a critical operation for complex process and must well analyzed before it's execution. If the Process is not in Running state then tasks can not be performed and events are ignored.

Automatic tasks after a BPM Process abortion is confirmed

Remove all tasks from BpmRunningTasksMatrix

All running task are removed from the Task Matrix so user can not take the task of the aborted process.

No task is removed from BpmFinishedTasksMatrix

The finished tasks of the aborted process are not removed from Task Matrix.

Remove assignments from BpmUsers

If any user has an assignment in the aborted Process then the assignment is removed.

Remove timer events from BpmTimerEventMonitor

All timers related to the Process are removed.