Path for Attachments

The persistence layer store all attachments in Linux hard drive and the path for each Form Definition is configurable. Attachments are stored as binary files and the name of a file is a pair of GUID (definitionId + fileId). For example:

1644d21d82503bc190c4386a6289dbe5c07cc302-d8086109a226179fe15ecc4c4e9d1eab2f60db8e.bin All form definition have the same sub directory structure:


The variable part of the path is "basePath" all sub directories below "basePath" are mandatory. Example:

"To set the path </home/myFormsRepository/> for form named <newCustomer> in application <customer>"
OrbeonApiConfiguration default
setPath: '/home/myFormsRepository/' for: 'newCustomer' in: 'customer'.

Now the base directory is "/home/myFormsRepository/" (for application "customer" and form definition named "newCustomer"). To create the complete structure:

cd /home/myFormsRepository/
mkdir temp
mkdir drafts
mkdir instances
mkdir -p definitions/published
mkdir -p definitions/saved

By default all forms store attachments in the same base directory structure. This can be changed using this functionality.