Anonymous Process Creation

Note This functionallity is only available for installation integrated with Orbeon Forms. A process can be created by an anonymous user (not logged in the system) to be processed in the BPM Application. Some Orbeon Forms can be configured to call a service to start a Bpm Process Instance. The sent Form is the first step of the new created Bpm Process Instance. In order to create a BPM Process from an anonymous form the Bpm Process Definition must be also configured:

"Has Anonymous Start" must be true. This configuration is made by a back office user.

When a BPM Process Definition is configured to have an anonymous start and it has been associated with the Orbeon Form then a new process can be created from a Form.

When the form is sent it will trigger a BPM Process creation. As the anonymous user is not system's user a message is displayed with the ID of the new process.