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My Processes

  • Current Processes

    A list of current processes the current user is working on.
  • Finished Processes

    A list of finished tasks of current user. It has all tasks finished by the user.
  • Process Categories

    Group BPM Process instances by category.

Unassigned Tasks

  • View Unassigned Tasks

    A list of tasks the current user can work on but are not assigned to a user yet. The user can take a task from this list. The list is generated from user's roles. The roles of a user define what tasks are available to him.

New Process

  • Available Process

    A list of available processes the current user can instantiate.
  • Granted Tasks

    A list of tasks the user can perform. This tasks are defined by the roles of the user.


  • Inbox

    System and users messages.


  • Outbox

System and users messages.


  • Change Password

    Change your password.
  • Display Preferences

    Configure display preferences.
  • Set Language

    Set the language of the application.