Maintenance of OS Files and Attachments

Attachments to Orbeon forms are stored in Linux hard drive as binary files. When forms with attachments are removed the related binary files on disk should be removed too. In this section the maintainance scripts for this task are detailed. All deletion operations in Orbeon are logical operations. A flag is changed from 'N' to 'Y' when a form is deleted. Physical deletion is available in this persistence layer but the operation must be used with precaution.

After this operation the forms are lost forever and can not be recovered. To physical remove forms execute:

OrbeonMaintenanceScript physicallyRemoveFormInstances.
OrbeonMaintenanceScript physicallyRemovePublishedForms.
OrbeonMaintenanceScript physicallyRemoveSavedForms.

The script applies to all forms and can not be used to remove a particular form. Although a form can be deleted individually but not with this script.

This is a resource and time consuming operation and it has to be used with precaution. To remove from disk unused file attached to Orbeon forms execute the following script:

OrbeonMaintenanceScript deleteUnusedFormInstanceOSFiles.
OrbeonMaintenanceScript deleteUnusedPublishedFormsOSFiles.
OrbeonMaintenanceScript deleteUnusedSavedFormsOSFiles.