Functional Information

This chapter depict the steps to follow to migrate old processes to BPM Flow. These steps must be followed for each process definition.

The steps described bellow are all present in different Test Cases of the SUnit in BpmRuntime_Tests packages and these can be used as a guide for the migration.

1. Generate XML sources for all forms in all process

This must includes the XML source of the Form Definition and the Form Instance.

2. Create a class under BpmProcessExecutionTest hierarchy

This new class will hold all necessary methods to simulate the execution of one BPM Process Definition with N BPM Process Instances.

3. Create methods to instantiate forms of step 1

With XML sources of step 1 instantiate Orbeon Form Definition and Orbeon Form Instances

4. Create a Test method to simulate the execution of a BPM Process

With methods to get Orbeon Forms Definitions and Orbeon Form Instances already created then the last step is to create a Test Method for each BPM Process Instance.